Thursday, March 26, 2015

Marc by Marc Jacobs is Officially No More

End of an era?  In an apparent plan to grow his company in anticipation of a possible IPO, Marc Jacobs' contemporary priced label, Marc by Marc Jacobs is officially done.  Production of the MBMJ line will cease production immediately however, the products—and lower price points—will be folded into the Marc Jacobs label.

"In a sense, we're starting at the beginning," Jacobs said of the change.  "The intention now is no different than when Robert [Duffy] and I started Marc by Marc Jacobs or Marc-no-Jacobs.  We believed that fashion could exist at lots of different prices.  It could be flip-flops for $30, a well-priced T-shirt; there could be an honesty and integrity in different types of clothes.  It wasn't supposed to be a second line or the poor-relative-of...I love that mix of things, that high and low, that rich and poor, all of those contrasts, the everyday and the extraordinary."

Source: WWD

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