Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Style Alert: Top 5 Trends for Fall 2014

Summer is great, but let's be real - Fall is where the magic happens!  Fall 2014 is all about cozy knits, statement pieces like the poncho, hues of red and pink, 60s mod styles and thigh high slits.   

1) Allover Knits: Fall is made for chunky sweaters, but this season takes the trend to the next level by combining pullovers, scarves and leggings for a head-to-toe look.  Cozy is the name of the game for this Fall trend with full-on knitted looks in muted tones. 

2) The Poncho: This iconic piece of folk style is a key garment for Fall with designers adding everything from fur to fringe.  Let this piece be the main attraction of your look or let it hang nonchalantly off your shoulder like a chic blanket.  Cara Delevingne has already been spotted out and about with her monogrammed Burberry Prorsum poncho!


3) Red/Pink: If you think Fall is all about tones of gray and brown think again!  This season's runways were full of vibrant hues of red, pretty pinks and mauves.  

4) 60s Mod: Think A-line dresses with opaque tights, psychedelic prints, capes and patent Mary-Janes for this trend which pays homage to the swinging 60s.  While I don't think I'll be attempting a full on 60s look, a pair of Chelsea boots are definitely on my Fall wish list.

5) Thigh High Slits: The bare midriff had a good run, but this season is all about the exposed thigh.  Highlight yours with a bold slit skirt or dress. 


As always, although the examples posted are from high end designers, don't think you have to break the bank in order to be on trend this Fall! You can achieve these same looks by shopping at discount retailers such as Zara, H&M and even Target. Leave a comment and let me know which trends you're looking forward to rocking this season!

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