Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Amber Alert News Roundup: David Beckham Stars in New H&M Bodywear Ads, Net-a-Porter Launches Sportswear Site & Topshop Offers Freckle Pencil


David Beckham is back with a new ad campaign for his latest H&M bodywear collection.  Showcasing his amazing physique, David models a variety of pieces from the Autumn/Winter 2014 line which features underwear, loungewear and Beck's signature-style beanies.  The new David Beckham Bodywear items are expected to hit stores on August 21. (Huffington Post)

Net-a-Porter is set to launch a sister site, Net-a-Sporter, for the ladies who want chic activewear.  Although Net-a-Porter currently offers athleticwear by Stella McCartney, Lucas Hugh and NIKE, the e-commerce site is broadening it's offering to include dancewear, exclusive capsule collections and even a special ‘après sport' designed for those who want to look incredibly stylish after their workout.  Check it out on July 9th. (Telegraph)

Topshop's new freckle pencil comes right on time considering the fashion industry's current obsession with natural, fresh faced beauty.  While this isn't the first freckle pencil to hit the market, the cool thing about Topshop's option is that it features a marbleised formula to ensure that each freckle is unique.  If you're interested in faking it a bit this summer, the pencil will be available in stores this month. (Vogue)  

Versace has revealed sketches from its forthcoming Young Versace collection which appears to be heavily influenced by hip-hop.  The brand says it will feature “fun elements such as rapper chains and dollar signs on the t-shirts with leather bomber jackets and washed jeans."  Shop the current collection here. (The Cut)

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