Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Custom 'Birkin' Bags: Art or Trash?

Nene Leakes was recently spotted in NYC carrying a coveted Hermes 'Birkin' bag - scribbled with several of Leakes' infamous quotes, including "I'm very rich bitch" and "close your legs to married men."  This apparently didn't sit well with a few people, especially Wendy Williams who publically chastised Leakes for "defacing" her expensive handbag.

The comment infuriated Leakes who took to her blog to slam Williams for her lack of support and further stated that her 'Birkin' bag was turned into a piece of art to raise money for charity.  Hmm.

This isn't the first time we've seen celebs "deface" their super expensive 'Birkin' bags which boast legendary wait lists.  Lady Gaga has several and who can forget the George Condo painted version Kanye West gifted to Kim Kardashian last year.

Is this art or does it feel like celebrities are mocking us with their wealth at this point?

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