Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Terry Richardson Pens Letter Denying Sexual Assault Claims

Famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson has finally addressed the sexual assault rumors that have surfaced and re-surfaced over the last few years.  Richardson, who describes his work as  "1970s porn aesthetic turned fashion chic," is known (and well loved) for his hyper-sexualized aesthetic but accusations from young models claiming they were coerced into compromising situations with the photog lead to a recent #NoMoreTerry campaign to boycott the photographer and his supporters.

In an open letter to the 'New York Post', Richardson denies all accusations calling them “false,” “hate-filled and libelous tales.”  He also refers to the situation as a "witch hunt" and claims every model he's worked with knew what they were getting into and signed release forms.

Who do you believe?

Source: NY Post

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