Monday, September 9, 2013

Style Alert: Top 5 Trends for Fall 2013

Punk, Over-Sized Outerwear, Black and White, Grunge and Camouflage - these are our Top 5 Trends for Fall 2013!  Take a look below at how these trends were presented on the runway and find out how to translate them into your wardrobe!

1) Punk - The punk-themed Met Gala gave us a peak at one of the biggest trends for Fall 2013.  Think tartan plaids, vinyl, chains, studs and spikes.  Combine super edgy pieces with more refined items and you'll be able to pull this trend off with ease!  If this trend seems a little too scary for you, keep it simple with a vintage rock tee, destroyed denim, leather jacket and moto boots.    

2) Over-sized Outerwear -  NOT loose or baggy but drastically over-sized (the bigger the better).  Strong shoulders give this season's key coverup an authoritative silhouette but the fit is still very feminine.  Try this trend with ankle boots and skinny jeans or a chic blouse and trousers - just make sure to balance it out with something über feminine and sophisticated. 

3) Black and White - this classic color combo (one of my favs) is making a huge return for Fall 2013.  You can take this trend into so many different directions!  You can go edgy, preppy or refined depending on your personal style but just know there's a way for everyone to embrace this trend and there's nothing boring about black and white!

4) Grunge - channel your inner angst-ridden teen spirit (haha) with layer worthy button ups, crop tops, slip dresses, maxi skirts and floral Dr. Martens.  Don't forget to knot a second shirt around your waist to lock in that signature '90s look.  Add a beanie and voilà!  This trend started gaining some momentum over the summer but definitely expect to see it continue into Fall.

5) Camo Print - camouflage is an old stand-by, but over the years took a backseat to the influx of animal prints.  However, so many designers utilized the print on the runway, it became a major fashion trend for Fall 2013.  Take this trend from the runway to the street by by mixing camo with neutral colors (like white), add a feminine touch to balance out the masculinity of the print or just add a small touch to your wardrobe with a clutch or camo print scarf.   
utilized the camo print enough to make it a major fashion trend for fall 2013. - See more at:

Although the examples posted are from high end designers, don't think you have to break the bank in order to be on trend this Fall! You can achieve these same looks by shopping at discount retailers such as Zara, H&M and even Target. Leave a comment and let me know which trends you're looking forward to rocking this season!

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