Thursday, June 6, 2013

AmberAlert's 123's: 3 Keys to Healthy Summer Skin

It's summer.  Which means you're going to be outside. A LOT.  With the abundance of outdoor music festivals, beach trips, rooftop day parties and brunches that summer brings, skin care is usually the last thing on anyone's mind. 
Summer usually has that get-up-and-go feel but here's a few key things to remember in order to keep your skin healthy and radiant this summer.

1) Add a healthy layer of face protecting sunscreen to your morning beauty routine.  This is critical because even a few moments out in the sun without it can lead to lifelong skin damage.  Most daily moisturizers include an SPF of at least 15.  Some of my favorites are:

2) Protect your lips and opt for lip care with an SPF.  You'd be surprised but many brands like L'Oreal, Rimmel and Stilla offer lipsticks with an SPF.  You might also want to switch to a balm instead of a gloss to lock in moisture.  My absolute favorite lip balm is:


3) WATER!!!!  Drinking water and consuming foods with a high water content are essential for keeping your skin glowing and healthy.  Try adding foods like watermelon, broccoli and tomatoes to your diet to ensure you meet your proper water intake.

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